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Concept: Daydreaming about Jobs, Infrastructure, and HealthcareConcept: Protect Our GirlsConcept: Freedom, Empowerment, EducationConcept: Power and TelecommunicatonConcept: Money, Giving, WealthConcept: Empowerment, Pride,Concept: Education, Diversity, College, etc.Previous Concept in Flyer DesignConcept: Love, Romance, Engagement, WeddingConcept: Illumination,Concept: Bullying, AbuseConcept: No More LimitsConcept: Beauty, Makeup, GlamorConcept: RageBlog Post: MLKJr Monument Caption edited a little to make it less controversial.Caricature: Mitt RomneyCaricature: Barack ObamaCaricature: Michelle ObamaCaricature: Joel Osteen