OlaWale Ajao is an Illustrator and Certified Professional Photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA:

If you're looking for a creative and intelligent spin on things, then this is the place to be.

The good stuff:

"I am an illustrator in every ramification of the word. I will use words, imagery, sound, and whatever else is needed to make otherwise complicated concepts easily accessible."

"I love photography and I have given up a lot to follow my dreams. This includes trading in my stethoscope for a camera (figuratively speaking of course, cameras are darn expensive). I love creativity and intelligence, so you will always find me at that small intersect where science meets art."

"I have the Certified Professional Photographer designation as a member of the Professional Photographers of America. That means I am a CPP of the PPA ;)
Only a very small percent of photographers in the US have bothered to qualify for that certification which requires sound theoretical knowledge in addition to a portfolio of technically and aesthetically sound photographs."

"I think I can be called a people person since I am one that tries to connect my social circles via events like game nites. I am also social media savvy."

"Weddings: What is not to love about weddings. Everything is dedicated towards making that day beautiful...and I get paid to capture those beautiful moments I would have loved to see anyway...perfect! Not saying you should hold back my pay though, send that sucker in the mail."

The bad stuff:
"What bad stuff?. Everyone knows I'm made of rainbows and sunshine right? :P"